Travel Channel’s New Show Comes To Town

This week, Anthony Bourdain’s new show premiered called “The Layover” with the first episode detailing his stay in Singapore.  Since I’m living here right now as an ex-Pat, I was extremely excited to see the show.Interestingly, in the episode, he profiles Russel Wong prominently.  As Tony mentions, Russel is one of Asia’s premier celebrity photographers.  And he happens be a friend and the photographer who took many of my photographs for my Website.

Photograph by: Russel Wong

Another reason I like Russel is that he’s a fan of mine!  When I asked him to describe me for this post, he said:

“I have always enjoyed eating with you and discussing food; you really know your food and I’m so glad the public will be able to learn the authentic way now!”

Of course the entire show was focused on the great food of Singapore. In this VIDEO clip,  Tony joins Russel for dinner at Samy’s Curry.

Samy's Curry

Throughout the show, Tony shared many of his favorite places to eat while in Singapore.  Of course, since I live here, I have my own favorites, including:

Killiney Kopitiam – their Singapore breakfast of runny poached eggs, kaya toast and a cup of Kopi-C is outstanding

Maxwell Food Centre – they have one of the best Hawker stalls for Chicken Rice called Tian Tian

Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint – they have one of the tastiest Cantonese Roast Pork (Cha Siu) in Paya Lebar

Oversea Restaurant – a well known chain of restaurants based out of Kuala Lumpur that serves great Malaysian influenced Cantonese food

Lai Huat – A step above hawker fare, they serve the best Sambal Belacan fish that I’ve tasted