Happy Chinese New Year!  Did you know that food plays a major role in Chinese New Year celebrations?  During the two week-long celebration, households share feasts and keep their tables topped with delicious sweet and savory specialties that bring good luck to homes and families. For example – Potstickers or ‘jiaozi’ (pictured above) are eaten at midnight on New Year’s Eve to bring wealth, good luck & prosperity at the changing of the year.

So, in celebration of the Lunar New Year, submit your entry of a favorite Chinese recipe for Chinese New Year.  Between now and February 18th, post your recipe on my Facebook page and include a photo or video of the dish telling us why it is your favorite.

You can comment on your favorite dishes and, considering your choices, we’ll post our top recipes on Twitter and my blog, Farina on Food and Travel.

The winner will receive Farina’s Asian Pantry iPad/iPhone app for themselves and 5 friends and their winning recipe will be posted on all my online sites.

Entering is simple:

1.   Click here to go to my Facebook page

2.  Upload your recipe photo to my wall

3.  And don’t forget to leave comments on your favorite recipes!

The winner will be announced on the final day of Chinese New Year – February 18th.

Please only submit recipes that can be shared without copyright infringement and good luck!