My HD Video Series – Gluten & Dairy Free Recipes From My App 

In this, Part 1 of 4, we feature Tim Urban learning how to make a gluten and dairy free Asian recipe from my app on iTunes.

  • The ingredients and how to get the “mise en place” organized;
  • Step by step instruction on how to create the marinade for the beef.

I love to teach people how easy it is to make healthy, flavorful Asian dishes at home.  My most recent experience was in Los Angeles where I cooked Thai Beef Mango Salad with American Idol finalist Tim Urban.  He and I had a lot of fun shooting this cooking video, which I am publishing in 4 parts, about 3 minutes each over this week and next.

You can find this recipe not only on my app, but it is also the “Featured Recipe” on my website.

Tim Urban and Me (with Thai Beef Mango Salad)

Next up: Part 2 of 4 which will show us prepping ingredients that may be unfamiliar, including working with lemongrass and mango. Stay tuned!