Giving My Kids Global Dining Experience

For the longest time my husband and I avoided taking our daughters on long distance flights to skirt the repercussions of jet lag, disrupted sleep schedules and finding decent restaurants that welcome children. Since we live in Asia now, travel has become an integral part of our lifestyle and we’re fortunate that our kiddos adapted at an early age to long overseas flights…I admit, succumbing to electronics did help pass the time.

It has been a busy summer season with us visiting relatives in the US along the Eastern seaboard, then over to London for the Olympics followed by a few days in Paris to shorten the trip back to Singapore. Catching the London Games was super, with all the amazing athletic events and sightseeing in between. By the time we arrived in Paris we were nervous that our daughters would run out of steam and long to head back to Singapore.

The Beautiful Louvre

We made a point to make this trip to Paris child-friendly and incorporate more breaks between site-seeing and some shopping along the way. We stayed at The Jardin du Marais, a family friendly hotel in the 4th arrondisement, which had the largest bedroom I have ever seen in Europe…sleeping 4 with room too spare. Typical of most cities we’ve visited, we made a point to take advantage of the great transportation system and ventured from the Tour d’Eiffel to the Louvre, church on Ile de la Cite and Montmatre on one day Metro passes.

Pop up Carnival at the Jardin Tuileries

The timing could not have been better when we discovered a nostalgic pop-up carnival next to the Louvre in the Jardin du Tuileries to burn some calories; tucking away afterwards into the infamous Angelina’s on the Rue du Rivoli for their beautiful pastries and ultra-rich hot chocolate. For a sweet break the next day, we avoided the crowds at the commercial salon du tea, Laduree and opted for Patisserie Pierre Herme’ for perfect macaroons.

Angelina’s for Ultra Rich Hot Chocolate

Since most Parisian restaurants prefer to serve dinner around 8pm, quick afternoon naps were always welcomed and gave us a chance to rest our feet and catch up on Olympic scores and replays. Thank goodness the historical square, Place des Vosges was near our hotel too, so our girls could let off steam with a game of tag or climb an adequate jungle gym while we sat at sipped our cafe cremes.

Evening In Marais

Dusk did not arrive until nearly 9pm nightly, which encouraged leisurely strolls down architectural lanes of the Marais district, window shopping all the chic boutiques in search for an inviting outdoor bistro such as Le Petit Marche for entrecote, Bar de Huitre for local fruit de mer and the perfect falafel and schwarma at the ever popular L’As du Fallafel on Rue de Rosiers.

Falafel at L’as du Fallafel

Overall, Paris was a rewarding finale to our European vacation getting our fix of buttery croissants and satisfying foie gras and cheese plates. It’s back to Singapore today and my youngest has already asked me whether we could stop at Changi Airport for her local favorite…a bowl of steaming Laksa at Killeny Kopitiam….a kid after my own heart.  Parents…remember, next time give your children the benefit of the doubt with International travel and dining….they might surprise you and be better world travelers than you could ever imagine!