With Chicken Wings’ Huge Popularity, My Recipe May Be Perfect For Super Bowl Celebrations

Even though I’m living in Singapore, I still keep up with US holidays – and Super Bowl Sunday is definitely one I follow.  I know what a huge cultural event it is, usually filled with lots of parties in the US to celebrate.  Besides watching the game and rating the commercials, a big part of those celebrations is snacking on appetizers and finger foods.  So, I’m wondering what you’re planning to make?

Caramelized Chicken Wings

Last year, I blogged about having my favorite chicken wings recipe (Vietnamese-inspired) as a tastier alternative to the standard Buffalo wings as a snacking option.  Since wings are more popular than ever (with USA Today pointing out that the National Chicken Council projects Americans will eat a whopping 1.25 billion wings during Sunday’s game and the Harris Poll showing that 23% of Americans will be choosing them – jumping 16% from last year), I thought I’d suggest them again for game day.

I’m also confident that this is a good option as, just yesterday, I saw that one of my Twitter followers said he’ll be making these wings from my website on Sunday:

I love that.  While these are usually authentically prepared in a clay pot, my sweet and savory chicken dish can be braised in the oven.  It’s one of my family’s favorites which I usually serve with wok-tossed greens and rice … though you may serve them with a wide variety of other Super Bowl inspired fare.

The recipe may be found on my Blog, under the “Not Your Standard Chicken Wings” post.  Enjoy!